Why sub zero freezer not cold

9 Reasons Sub Zero Freezer Not Cold

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Why sub zero freezer not cold

Sub Zero is a freezer that is known to have good product quality. With many types and features that this freezer has, making it a popular refrigerator.

However, as happens with other household appliances, Sub Zero refrigerators can be damaged or system failure. One example of the damage is the Sub Zero freezer not cold.

Freezer damage with symptoms of a refrigerator not cooling can occur due to many factors. In this article, I will explain what factors can cause the Sub Zero freezer to not cool.

Reasons Sub Zero freezer not cold

1. Refrigerator coolant runs out

Refrigerator coolant that has run out or has decreased in volume can cause the freezer not cold. This refrigerant serves to absorb the heat inside the refrigerator and move it out, so the temperature inside the refrigerator is cooler.

Therefore, if the refrigerator coolant has run out or the amount has decreased drastically, it can make the freezer not cold.

The cause of the refrigerator refrigerant running out is usually because there is a leak in the pipe in the cooling system in the freezer. To fix it, it must be done by someone experienced in refrigerator repair.

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2. Coolant clogged

Another reason the Sub Zero freezer not cold is because the coolant is clogged. This condition usually occurs in old freezer.

The cause of the clogged coolant is due to a lot of dirt and compressor lubricating oil that has accumulated in the refrigerant pipeline. So that the refrigerant in the freezer cannot circulate properly.

To repair a clogged coolant pipe due to a lot of dirt, flushing must be done using a special fluid and a high-pressure machine.

3. Defrosy system not working

A defrosting system in a freezer that does not work will cause a lot of ice to accumulate in the freezer compartment or the area around the evaporator. The impact is that the flow of cold air exhaled by the evaporator fan is less than optimal, causing the freezer to not cool.

The defrost system on the feeder functions to prevent ice from forming in the evaporator automatically. So that the evaporator area remains clean.

The refrigerator defrost system consists of several components. Therefore, to find the cause of the damage, we must check every component in the defrost system.

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ice in freezer

4. Evaporator fan not working

The evaporator fan works to blow cold air around the evaporator to flow throughout the freezer. If the evaporator fan does not work, then cold air will be trapped in the evaporator area only. This condition will make the freezer not cold.

If the evaporator fan is left idle, it can cause ice to form around the evaporator pipe.

The evaporator fan does not work because the coil inside the fan is burned or because the flow of electricity to the fan is interrupted.

5. Condenser are dirty

A dirty condenser can be another cause of a refrigerator not cooling. This happens because of dirt that sticks to the condenser pipe, thereby reducing the effectiveness of heat dissipation in the condenser pipe.

You should clean the condenser periodically if it looks very dirty and covers the entire condenser pipe.

6. Broken thermostat

The thermostat on the refrigerator is used to regulate the temperature in the refrigerator. This component works to maintain the temperature in the refrigerator to be stable as desired.

If the thermostat is damaged it can cause the temperature regulation system to not work. The impact is the refrigerator is not cold.

7. Compressor not working

The compressor is the main component in the refrigerator cooling system. The compressor works to circulate the freezer coolant in the cooling pipe.

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A faulty compressor will cause the refrigerant to not flow, so the refrigerator can’t dissipate the heat in the freezer.

The characteristic of the refrigerator compressor not working is marked by not hearing any sound at all in the refrigerator even though the refrigerator has been turned on for several hours.

8. Mainboard error

The mainboard functions to control the work of all electrical components in the refrigerator, including the compressor. Therefore, if the mainboard is damaged or an error will cause the refrigerator cooling system to malfunction.

To repair the Sub Zero freezer not cold caused by system damage on the mainboard must be done by an expert, because it involves a complex electronic system.

9. The door doesn’t closed tightly

Supposedly, the inside of the refrigerator must be isolated from the environment outside the refrigerator so that the refrigerator cooling process can run properly. Therefore, the refrigerator door is equipped with a gasket that will ensure that the door can close tightly.

If your freezer is having problems not cooling, try to check if the refrigerator door can close tightly.

These are some of the reasons why the Sub Zero freezer not cold. To find the main cause of the malfunction, you must properly inspect the parts of the refrigerator mentioned earlier.

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