haier fridge not cooling

7 Reasons Haier Fridge Not Cooling

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haier fridge not cooling

Haier fridge not cooling can sometimes happen suddenly. The cause can occur due to several factors. So to fix it we have to check each component in the cooling system one by one.

A fridge that suddenly doesn’t cool is generally caused by a cooling system that isn’t working. As a result, the process of cooling the temperature in the refrigerator room does not occur.

What causes the Haier fridge not cooling ?

The following are reasons why the Haier fridge doesn’t suddenly cool down:

1. Power supply is not connected

The first thing to do when we find the Haier fridge in your home is not cold is to check whether the power supply is connected properly or not. You have to make sure that the electricity from the house is connected to the fridge.

Try opening the fridge door and see if the fridge light is on or not. If it lights up, it’s a sign that the power source is fine. However, if the refrigerator light does not turn on when the refrigerator door is opened, there is a possibility that the power supply cable has broken which could be the cause.

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2. Refrigerant runs out

If your fridge is old, running out of refrigerant could be the reason why your fridge isn’t cold. Refrigerant is the main element needed in the cooling system which functions to absorb heat in the fridge and throw it out.

Therefore, if the refrigerator refrigerant runs out, it can cause the Haier fridge not to cool. The cause of the refrigerant running out is usually due to a leak in the refrigerant pipe or the compressor in the refrigerator cooling machine.

To determine the volume of refrigerant, special equipment is needed which only refrigerator repair technicians have.

3. Compressor not working

The compressor is like the heart in the refrigerator cooling system. The function of the compressor is to circulate refrigerant in the pipelines and refrigerant components of the fridge.

When the compressor is running, the compressor will pump and compress the refrigerant in the cooling system pipelines, so that the desired fridge temperature can be achieved. The compressor will keep the temperature in the fridge at the desired level.

Therefore, if the compressor does not work, it can cause the refrigerator cooling system to not work normally.

You can determine if the compressor is working or has failed by detecting a sound in the refrigerator. If after turning on the refrigerator for a few minutes there is no sound at all, there is a possibility that the compressor is faulty

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In the Haier type fridge with 2 doors or more, the compressor not working is not always caused by a malfunction in the compressor. Because damage to the timer can also result in the compressor not working normally.

4. Broken thermostat

The next cause of the Haier fridge not cooling is due to a malfunction in the thermostat. The thermostat is a component in the fridge that functions to regulate and maintain the temperature of the fridge so that it remains as desired.

Inside the thermostat there is a temperature sensor and a relay that functions to control the compressor work by detecting the temperature of the refrigerator. The thermostat will instruct the compressor to work when the temperature in the refrigerator room increases. When the refrigerator temperature has returned to the desired level, the thermostat will stop the compressor from working.

If the thermostat on your Haier refrigerator is damaged, you will need to replace one unit so that it can return to normal.

5. Problem with defrosting system

Defrost system not working can also cause the refrigerator to not cool. However, this only happens to refrigerators with 2 doors or more.

ice coral

For the Haier 2 door type fridge, it is equipped with a defrost system that functions to melt the ice coral that appears around the evaporator area. If not melted, the ice coral that forms will cover the evaporator chamber and the cold air ducts in the refrigerator.

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In addition to the evaporator room area, ice coral can also form in the freezer.

The defrost system in the fridge consists of several components:

  1. Timer
  2. Thermofuse
  3. temperature sensor
  4. Heater

You should check these components if the defrost system in your refrigerator has problems.

6. Evaporator fan not rotating

Even an evaporator fan that doesn’t turn can be the cause of the Haier fridge not cooling. This condition is usually caused by a pile of ice coral that forms around the evaporator fan. Thus inhibiting the rotation of the fan.

The evaporator fan serves to blow cold air from the evaporator into the freezer and fridge room. Therefore, if the fan does not turn, the cold air will not be channeled into the refrigerator.

7. Error module

For those of you who use an inverter type refrigerator, damage to the module can be the cause of your refrigerator not suddenly cooling down. This module functions to regulate and control the cooling system on the refrigerator.

Therefore, a malfunction of the module can be another factor that can cause the refrigerator’s cooling system to not work.

Those are some of the factors that can cause the Haier fridge not cooling. We recommend that you take the refrigerator to a refrigerator repair place so that it can be done immediately.

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